Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Recap June 4, 2013

We are going through a period of transition over here. Currently living at my parents' lovely home, and in escrow #6 on our townhouse... life has been feeling a bit scattered. On Saturday, Little J had a 5 year old birthday party. Daddy had to work, so it was me and the boys.

The party was at one of Little J's preschool classmates' home. The kids had lots of fun climbing all over the swingset, until...

Darth Vader showed up! He's' in the middle of all the kids, look closer. First, Luke Skywalker came out to the swingset and asked one of the girls, "Do you know who I am?" She said, "No." He said, "I'm Luke." "No, you're not," she told him, "this is LUKE'S birthday party, and I know who Luke is." Gotta love girls! And then Darth Vader came into the yard, and all the kids backed up very slowly to their moms. Very cute party, and all the kids went home with lightsabers of course! 

Then, Sunday we had our weekly swim class and then we had an hour to kill before we went to look at a few houses. So, Daddy decided that we should bowl? It was Mayhem's first time, and it was interesting. The ball did stop mid-lane, but only once! 

Just chillin' at the bowling alley...

Little J was professional. Giving Daddy all kids of ideas about a 'family bowling team' in the future...I could be down, do we get matching shirts? Hey, if my kids WANT to hang out with me while doing that? I guess I'll have to get my own pair of bowling shoes.  

What did you do this weekend?


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