Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap June 24, 2013

This weekend involved quite a bit of activity for our little family. Friday, I took Little J to the pediatrician for his kindergarten shots. He never wants, 'to get shot' again. I'll try to grant that request. Then, I met two friends from high school for a play date. We took 5 kids to 'Jump N Jammin' to let them run around and get all their energy out. Then we took them to lunch, here's a picture. They look tired, don't they!

From left to right: Brooklyn (little brother Alexander due
next month!), Mayhem, Mackenzie, Nathan, and Little J
Saturday, we had breakfast then back to the townhouse to pack up our stuff. We waited all day for the 'storage pods' to be dropped off. Then, we were the talk of the neighborhood as we had to ask a few people to move their cars... so the truck didn't hit them as it backed into our driveway... At 7:30 pm, they FINALLY dropped off the second 'pod'. It seemed like a long day, with no internet or cable. Then we went out to dinner, thankfully everyone held it together while we ate.

Sunday morning it was time to pack up the storage pods. The boys were so well-behaved, playing in the backyard with some random toys while we packed. They were COVERED in sand when we were done, but no worse for the wear. After naps, we ventured out for a little summer treat!  

Frozen yogurt- what a treat!
Now, we're waiting to close escrow on our townhouse. One step at a time, this process has been such a crazy roller coaster ride. But that's a whole other post...

How was your weekend? What did your family do?


  1. I had a really boring weekend, especially compared to yours! I worked and read. That's it. See, boring!

  2. Oh, I never want to get shots again too! Those things hurt. Good luck with escrow, we closed on our house a month ago and escrow was soo stressful.