Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bluum June box - Cover Up

I am a proud Bluum subscriber. Bluum caters your subscription box to your child's age and gender. I love it! I have been seriously slacking on posting about my boxes! This month, I was determined to post in a timely manner. So, we received our Bluum box this week. And here is what we got!

We got a Melissa and Doug starfish hat and starfish sunglasses, two 'pocket people', BabyGanics lip balm, two GoGo apple sauce packets, and two HappyTimes Sunny buddies snack packs. First of all, the GoGo packets and the snack packs are gone. As soon as I opened this box, my two boys devoured them all. My husband even tried the Sunny Buddies, and liked them! Also, this box is catered towards my two year old (Mayhem)... but apparently my older son LOVES the hat and sunglasses.

Yup, we need sun protection. We're really fair skinned. And we love snacks, so this box is great for us! We love Bluum! Thank you for our June goodies. Can't wait for next month. 

What did you get in your Bluum box?