Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New AAP Media Guidelines for Babies and Toddlers

According to a press release by the American Academy of Pediatrics ( babies and infants under 2 should watch absolutely no media. Their suggestion is that babies and toddlers learn more from play than from tv. Do they think this is news to us? With Nick Jr. marketing itself directly to the pre-school crowd- this is the group that I would be more concerned about. Yet, this new press release seems to have really upset some people. Do you worry about your child's media intake?

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Friday, October 14, 2011


After watching "Up All Night" with Christina Applegate, and seeing her character deal with the changes to your personal relationships that occur after becoming a mother- I went to see a few girls from high school that I haven't seen in ten years. We found each other on Facebook, saw our babies were all born within 5 months of each other- and met up today for lunch. It was so interesting to not only see these women as mothers, but also to see how much had changed in all our lives since we last saw each other.

For the two women I met up with, it was their first baby. For me, it was my second. I saw a bit of my former self in each of them, worrying about the details, worrying about germs, what classes to sign the babies up for, how many mommy friends they have... I felt all of those things, but I don't anymore! Now I know that if my child is happy and taken care of, then I am succeeding. I also know that there is no need to stress about germs, because you can't escape them. And I know that you have to do what works for you- not what other people tell you are the 'right things' or the things you are 'supposed to do'. I guess we all get there in our own time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


As I was searching for Halloween costumes for the boys, I was struck by how Halloween is marketed now- SEX. I found myself looking at the costumes for women in a new light. I'm a mother now, of two children. I'm not going to be parading around the neighborhood in THAT! To add to the complications, my husband wants to 'match' me and I have to wear a costume to work.  So here are just a couple costume choices from, along with my thoughts...

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Spider Witch: Really, they can even make a witch costume inappopriate? I would have to wear leggings under that skirt, and a sweater over that top. Seeing as today is 100 degrees, I'm going to pass...


and by the way, witches have black hats- not orange!





Prisoner of Love from
Prisoner of Love: Besides the fact that this is a totally ridiculous idea for a costume, those shorts barely pass for shorts. I would call it more of a leotard- also not work appropriate!









Our office just voted on what the theme will be- GNOMES! Time to get creative, and I'll be sure to post pictures!!


 UPDATE: Here is a picture of my department, dressed as gnomes!