Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap June 24, 2013

This weekend involved quite a bit of activity for our little family. Friday, I took Little J to the pediatrician for his kindergarten shots. He never wants, 'to get shot' again. I'll try to grant that request. Then, I met two friends from high school for a play date. We took 5 kids to 'Jump N Jammin' to let them run around and get all their energy out. Then we took them to lunch, here's a picture. They look tired, don't they!

From left to right: Brooklyn (little brother Alexander due
next month!), Mayhem, Mackenzie, Nathan, and Little J
Saturday, we had breakfast then back to the townhouse to pack up our stuff. We waited all day for the 'storage pods' to be dropped off. Then, we were the talk of the neighborhood as we had to ask a few people to move their cars... so the truck didn't hit them as it backed into our driveway... At 7:30 pm, they FINALLY dropped off the second 'pod'. It seemed like a long day, with no internet or cable. Then we went out to dinner, thankfully everyone held it together while we ate.

Sunday morning it was time to pack up the storage pods. The boys were so well-behaved, playing in the backyard with some random toys while we packed. They were COVERED in sand when we were done, but no worse for the wear. After naps, we ventured out for a little summer treat!  

Frozen yogurt- what a treat!
Now, we're waiting to close escrow on our townhouse. One step at a time, this process has been such a crazy roller coaster ride. But that's a whole other post...

How was your weekend? What did your family do?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Preschool is Over- Summer has begun!

Today was Little J's last day of preschool! I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. We were very lucky to have a wonderful teacher, who sent home so many adorable keepsakes with him!

Little J with his teachers, Miss Jodi and Miss Caroline

They had a fun last day of school, with a pinata and a pizza party. Then the class sang for their parents, and the teachers handed out gifts. My favorite thing was the 'journal' that Miss Jodi made for each child, with pictures of EVERY major event they had throughout the entire year! What a great way to remember his first year of school! It's great to see his progression, too. He is writing clearer, drawing clearer, and articulating himself so much better!

We couldn't be prouder of our little graduate!!

Next, it's off to kindergarten!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Emotional Detachment

We have lived in our home for about 6 years. It's our first house as a married couple. We had two children while living there. We have countless wonderful memories, from bringing home the boys from the hospital, trick or treating, and Christmas mornings. But, we have outgrown the house and it's time to move. I moved several times growing up, most memorably from New Jersey to California right before I started high school. Maybe for this reason, I am not emotionally attached to our house. It could be because I never thought of it as our 'forever' house, but I'm not 100% sure.

My husband was born about 5 miles from where we live now. He has lived in a total of 3 houses, 2 that he remembers. He is very emotionally attached to our house, and can't figure out why I am not. Even some of our friends are more attached to the house that I am!

We're moving out in less than a week. The house is almost entirely boxed up, and all I am feeling is excitement for the next step. We get to move from a townhouse to a single family, detached house with a yard! It's a house we plan to stay in for a long time. In my head, it's a 'forever' house. We will make some changes, to customize it for our tastes. This is a house that I may just let myself become attached to...

 Are you emotionally attached to where you live? Am I wrong for not being attached to our first house?!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bluum June box - Cover Up

I am a proud Bluum subscriber. Bluum caters your subscription box to your child's age and gender. I love it! I have been seriously slacking on posting about my boxes! This month, I was determined to post in a timely manner. So, we received our Bluum box this week. And here is what we got!

We got a Melissa and Doug starfish hat and starfish sunglasses, two 'pocket people', BabyGanics lip balm, two GoGo apple sauce packets, and two HappyTimes Sunny buddies snack packs. First of all, the GoGo packets and the snack packs are gone. As soon as I opened this box, my two boys devoured them all. My husband even tried the Sunny Buddies, and liked them! Also, this box is catered towards my two year old (Mayhem)... but apparently my older son LOVES the hat and sunglasses.

Yup, we need sun protection. We're really fair skinned. And we love snacks, so this box is great for us! We love Bluum! Thank you for our June goodies. Can't wait for next month. 

What did you get in your Bluum box?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Recap June 4, 2013

We are going through a period of transition over here. Currently living at my parents' lovely home, and in escrow #6 on our townhouse... life has been feeling a bit scattered. On Saturday, Little J had a 5 year old birthday party. Daddy had to work, so it was me and the boys.

The party was at one of Little J's preschool classmates' home. The kids had lots of fun climbing all over the swingset, until...

Darth Vader showed up! He's' in the middle of all the kids, look closer. First, Luke Skywalker came out to the swingset and asked one of the girls, "Do you know who I am?" She said, "No." He said, "I'm Luke." "No, you're not," she told him, "this is LUKE'S birthday party, and I know who Luke is." Gotta love girls! And then Darth Vader came into the yard, and all the kids backed up very slowly to their moms. Very cute party, and all the kids went home with lightsabers of course! 

Then, Sunday we had our weekly swim class and then we had an hour to kill before we went to look at a few houses. So, Daddy decided that we should bowl? It was Mayhem's first time, and it was interesting. The ball did stop mid-lane, but only once! 

Just chillin' at the bowling alley...

Little J was professional. Giving Daddy all kids of ideas about a 'family bowling team' in the future...I could be down, do we get matching shirts? Hey, if my kids WANT to hang out with me while doing that? I guess I'll have to get my own pair of bowling shoes.  

What did you do this weekend?