Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Since I have had THREE Children...

People ask me all the time what it's like to have three kids. It's hard to summarize, but I decided that I should try! Since I had my third child (3 years ago now, wow)... I have LOST many things...

1. MY set of car keys. Yeah, the ones with my house key on them, my library card, cute key chain, etc. GONE. I am using my 'spare' key now for my car, no idea what I would do if I lost it...

2. The ability to have a laundry DAY. I do laundry constantly now. He's so tiny, yet somehow- he has pushed the household over the legal limit of laundry!

3. My sanity. My grip on reality. But that's a given, right?!

4. My last Fu*k. Not sure where it went, but I don't have time to judge- so don't judge me! I work- I barely see you, sorry, hi, I gotta go- we have water polo at 5...

5. My ability to know where every.single.thing is in our house. I used to. Really. I used to know where Jacob's other sandal was, and Zachary's glasses, and everyone's papers from school... Now I just can't. You wore the shoes, not me- go find them. I'll wait... for a minute... 

I mean, look at this kid- he steals the show!
I have also broken a few cell phones, but I thank Pokemon Go for that... and I haven't been to the salon in too long (hair could really use a cut/style/SOMETHING). I prefer to take the time I have at home to be there, with the boys. I have started having a couple close friends over to watch TV a couple times a month, because none of us can GET OUT anymore. It works for us! 

I have still managed to keep up on Christmas cards, family portraits, and feeding the boys vegetables fairly often. There are things I have had to let go. My house... is not clean. My car... is not clean. But my kids are happy, and clean (usually) and know they are loved. I'm doing my best to 'live in the moment'- we went to Disneyland spontaneously on Labor Day! And I hope the boys will remember the good times, and forget the dog hair tumbleweeds that roll through the dining room on occasion... 

I have lost many things... but most of all, I have GAINED a wonderful, intelligent, funny, strong-willed, wild child who makes everyone take notice of his presence. We wouldn't be the same family without him, and while he does drive his brothers crazy every once in a while - we couldn't love him any more! 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Who has time for zippers?!

I am a boy mom. I do not own a lamp. no, seriously. We have ceiling fans in basically every room. My bedroom is very dark, but I do not own a lamp. Why? It wouldn't survive in my house. My middle son had a Pottery Barn Batman night light. Did you notice that was in the past tense? Yeah, he broke it. How? Don't know, don't care. The boys are always hot anyways, so we do ceiling fans- no lamps. 

I never have enough food in the house. I shop for food almost every day, and I simply cannot keep up. They eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack snack, dinner, snack. It's unreal. I try to keep 'healthy snacks' stocked, but honestly- it's not possible. Even the two year old just helps himself to things in the pantry... I have had to rearrange what items are in his reach. I once found him eating a package of Oreos, at 6 am, in the pantry. Go ahead, judge me. Do you have three boys??? If you are judging me, you clearly do not. I took a video, posted it on Instagram... because that's what you're supposed to do in that situation.

I don't understand the families who look all put together, dressed in today's stylish clothing trends. My youngest walks around in hand me downs, circa 2008 from his older brother. Skinny pants weren't a 'thing' back then, so he rocks baggy pants. Name brands? No, I have no idea what brand they are. The free kind? Yeah, that's what he wears. My oldest basically just wears Minecraft t-shirts and 'comfy shorts', which is what he calls shorts that do not have a zipper or buttons on them. Who has time for zippers? He gets the new clothes, because he wouldn't fit in his dad's clothes :)

I am a boy mom. I love them fiercely. They drive me crazy, but I couldn't possibly love them any more!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mayhem Turned 6!

Well, we got off to a rough start... 

He wanted a Sonic birthday party. Fine, I figured. I have a Cricut, I can do whatever theme he wants! We booked his party at the location he selected, and we chose 10 a.m. Unfortunately, this meant no pizza. But we had a plan! We would do a breakfast buffet, with a cereal bar! He was so excited.

I searched Pinterest for an 'easy' birthday cake to make for his party. I found one that looked relatively simple. But of course, he wanted to make a 'green Sonic' with chocolate AND vanilla. So we went to the store, found some marble cake mix and green icing. I mixed the vanilla icing with a little brown icing to make the tan color. I was ready! Then I put the green icing on our cake. You can see below that it didn't go well... The party was the next morning, I decided cupcakes were the way to go!  No problem. 

Hubs was sick (of course!), so the morning of the party I'm scrambling to get the three boys ready, myself ready, and pack the car with the goodie bags, cake, and all the food for the breakfast buffet. 

As I'm loading my youngest son into the car, I left a tray of muffins on the kitchen counter... Have I mentioned that I have the WORST DOG EVER?! She grabbed the tray, pulled it off the counter... BROKE THE TRAY.. and started eating my kid's birthday food. Couldn't she have eaten the green Sonic cake?! No.

Thankfully, the breakfast buffet turned out well. We had muffins, croissants, three different kinds of cereal, milk, Cuties, and donut holes. And of course, cupcakes! All that matters is that the Birthday Boy was happy.

Happy 6th Birthday, Mayhem!