Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide ~ For Moms!

The holidays are fast approaching. I wanted to put together a few gift ideas for the 'moms' in your life. All of these items are very practical, and would make any mom feel very appreciated. I know these items are all on my list!

1. Travel Coffee Mug. Because for most moms out there, coffee = life. Even if they aren't into coffee, this beautiful mug works for tea too! And it also gives you a confidence boost in the early morning, or the afternoon, or whenever you need it. It cuts back on the disposable coffee trash that we are all guilty of, so it's environmentally responsible. This travel mug is from Anthropologie and they also have several other non-travel mugs that are just as gorgeous, and less pricey.   

2. Kate Spade Polka Dot Reusable Tote. For the lunchtime grocery store run, the after-work Target run, the mad dash to soccer practice, or the daily dash to grab 'one more thing' from any store- reusable totes are a great way to carry your items in style, and are great for the environment. I saw this at Nordstrom, and there were a variety of other totes - "Treat Yourself" in hot pink is another option! So cute. 

3. Personalized Ring. I have a ring with my three boys' names on it, with hearts in between. I LOVE IT! My sister designed it for me, and worked with the jewelry genius Christie Martin. You can purchase her items on Etsy, her shop is called christienano. The ring that I have is called the "Say Anything Ring" because you can customize it however you would like, birth dates, anniversary date, etc. Very personal, and I wear mine every day!

4. Flavor Infusing Water Bottle. This is a great way to naturally flavor your water. You can try all kinds of different combinations- berries, citrus, mint, cucumbers, etc. This bottle is made of glass, so it reduces our dependence on plastic water bottles. It fits perfectly in cup holders, and even looks nice on your desk at the office. This bottle helps encourage a higher consumption of water during the day, and that is great for busy moms. We need to hydrate with all the coffee (and wine) that we drink! The water bottle below can be found at uncommon goods, which is a great shop to look for unique gifts.

5. A Cozy Throw. Pottery Barn has a variety of cozy throws to choose from, including several faux fur blankets to snuggle up with on the couch on a cold winter night. The options pictured below are machine washable, so they are still practical. These make me want to build a fire, and

Pottery Barn Garett Printed Throw
Those are a few of my ideas for 'mom gifts', and there's always gift cards! It's all about presentation, so put a gift card in a cute package. You could put a Sephora gift card in a cute cosmetic bag, for example!