Monday, November 28, 2016

We got a Christmas tree!

This weekend, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my in-laws. For the first time, all three boys entertained themselves- a milestone! Once we were done enjoying that holiday, we were READY to decorate for Christmas. For some reason, this year I was ready earlier than usual. I'm not sure if it was the 2016 election, or that I wanted to feel mentally prepared for Christmas shopping... but either way, we went out and found our Christmas tree. When we got home, we obviously started decorating it... 

My middle son was trimming the tree with no shirt on (he's always warm), so my father decided to join him in that... and next thing I knew, my brother was also shirtless. It was so strange.. but we all needed a laugh. It's been a rough year, culminating recently in the loss of my mom's sister. So, shirtless tree trimming for the win! I'll never forget it!

The porcelain houses shown in the photos belonged to my grandmother. She left them to me, and there were so many boxes! I was overwhelmed last year when I tried to put them up by myself. This year, my family was there to help! My dad and brother stacked several of them in the dining room and the rest are on a long table in my living room. I was so happy to have the Christmas tree in my front window- just like I've been wanting for TEN YEARS!! Finally! 

We also got our copy of OC Family Magazine, which featured our boys in "The Power of Siblings". They were excited to see themselves in print, and I loved the pictures they took! 

My boys!
We also put up our outdoor decor, and I'll have to post a picture of our newest addition- a light up llama! It makes no sense, but I love him. He has Christmas socks, and he makes me smile! Have you decorated your home yet?