Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 2: The Crazy Adventures of Staying Home with My Kids

After Tuesday, I decided that I would try a more mellow day. Wednesday, my plans included story time at our local library, getting a new pool key (we had lost ours), and visiting my co-workers. So we got ourselves together and headed for the 'clubhouse' where we could get our pool key. I had called ahead to make sure that we could pick up a new one, "Sure, the cost is $20." Small price to pay for access to our community pool...except she says, "Oh, no, we issue the cards not the keys." "OK, how do I get a key?" "Call Gabriel." "Who is he, what's his phone number, how long is this going to take?" Sigh. Can she not see the two impatient children I'm dragging around with me? First task: FAIL.

Next, we head to the library, which isn't open until 10. It's 9:30. So we sit in the van as long as humanly possible, losing about $10 in change down the 'Stow and Go' holes.. who knows what else is down there. At 9:45 we head to the door, and go up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs, down the stairs... until they unlock the gate. I head to the story time area. "All storytime guests must be registered." "I think I registered online." "No, you entered the LOTTERY for registration. They will contact you when you can attend." SERIOUSLY? Wasn't story time when we were young something that you just showed up to? Now, I have to get 'on the list'? Fine. Where are the dinosaur books? Nice, and entire section - complete with a giant dinosaur! Mayhem starts unshelving books at a rapid pace, and as I'm trying to alphabetize while assisting with J's book selection... Mayhem empties my purse on the floor. THANKS, KID! Second task: FAIL, but at least we got some books!

Then we head to my office, mingle with my co-workers. Mayhem runs down each hallway at least once, and throws himself on the floor (tired). J doesn't want to leave, and impresses everyone with his dinosaur knowledge. I give up, drive through McDonald's and watch helplessly as Mayhem pours an entire milkshake on himself in his carseat. Final task: FAIL!

The only photo I took all day was this one, while J was napping. Image

The one thing that was a success was that I cleaned out the toy box, and found the pool key! Well, I know that tomorrow we are meeting friends at the Ladera waterpark.That sounds relaxing- what could go wrong?

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Crazy Adventures of Staying Home with My Kids: Day 1

Our childcare situation is a mix of methods. Mondays, my mother-in-law watches the boys at her house. Tuesday through Thursday, we have a babysitter come to our house and watch the boys. And on Fridays, I work every other Friday from home. I work a 9/80 schedule, which means that I work a 9 hour day and get every other Friday off! Anyway, our babysitter is on vacation. This means that I have spent the past three days at home with my children, and I have so much to say about it that I'm breaking up the post into three parts...

My normal routine on a Tuesday would be wake up at 6 a.m., and throw myself together to get on the road by 6:45 a.m. I wouldn't see the boys, or talk to anyone- just get in the car and go! This Tuesday, at 7 a.m. (wow- slept in!) J came in and informed me that it was morning and he needed to eat. I went downstairs to get him some food, and realized that my dachshund... was having issues. She has recurring 'issues'- so I knew right away that we'd need to head to the vet.

8 a.m.: I arrive at the vet's office, and realize that I have no leash. Since I don't want Mayhem to dash into the road, I attempt to carry him and the dog into the vet. I asked J to open the door for me, but I just got a blank stare. OK, fine, I put Mayhem down- and we head in. The boys run over to the table loaded with toys, and I get put in an exam room with Kallie (the dog). J doesn't want to come, so I let him stay in the lobby and play- but Mayhem had to come with me. He didn't want to. He starts wreaking havoc when the vet comes in to discuss things with me- climbing on the chair, dumping the brochures on the floor, tossing the books around, whining... I leave the dog, go back to the lobby. The vet comes out, we'll need to head home with two antibiotics and two creams which I need to apply for 14 days. Great, there goes $250.

9 a.m.: We have Little J's first dental appointment. I try to fill out paperwork BEFORE they kill each other over the toys in this waiting room. Thankfully, it's a pediatric dentist- so they hopefully have seen this before? I try to remember when the last time J was at the doctor... as Mayhem drags a stool over to the fish tank, and puts his chubby little hand on my clipboard, then points up, "FISH!" Yes, baby, fish. Then we sit down in the chair, and there is a movie playing- Mayhem wants to see the movie.


Then, we had lunch with Daddy. I realized that there isn't a lot of 'staying home' when you're 'staying home'... Finally, it was naptime. Sweet, sweet naptime. I spent my time decorating J's goody bags for his dinosaur party, and trying to organize myself for the party.


I made a birthday banner, so I can check that off the list. Now I have a pinata, which needs candy. Cupcakes that I will need to bake Friday, goody bags that need filling, and paper goods.

Baby steps, there's always tomorrow, right?!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

USC Trojan Kids Club

As a very loyal alumni, I signed Little J up for the University of Southern California Kids Club. The package came today, and now I am SO excited about the football season!! The club includes free admission to USC home volleyball, soccer, and baseball games. It all came in a bag, with our quarterback's number on it.


Next was an adorable Marvel t-shirt, with Captain America, Thor, Ironman and the Hulk. I am not quite sure why there are Marvel characters affiliated with USC- but I'm sure there's a reason!


The back said USC Trojans Kids Club.


Then, we got a USC basketball mousepad. I am actually going to steal this for my office, I don't think Little J will mind!


We also got a helmet decal wannabe. I'm not quite sure where to put this, but I need to figure out somewhere that it will get noticed!


A kids club wallet to hold the 'official USC kids club card', of course.


and lastly a USC book light!


Normally, USC paraphernalia is very expensive. I was impressed that this entire package was only $25. Now I just hope that we can take advantage of some of those free games. I think it would be a fun outing for the family.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Citrus Lane July 2012

Bon Voyage! Citrus Lane has put together an adorable July box. I received several items that will be perfect for my annual Labor Day trip to New Jersey to visit the family.

Green Toys Racecar: We received a blue, BPA free toy racecar that Mayhem LOVES. He instantly grabbed that out of the box. The car is made from recycled milk cartons!


Medi Buddy First Aid Kit To Go: This kit includes an assortment of bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, a sting relief pad, burn relief cream, antibiotic ointment, and stickers in great little case. It's a great thing to have on the go.


Ella's Kitchen, Nibbly Fingers: We received a package of mangoes and carrots snack bars. My kids have enjoyed everything we have tried from Ella's Kitchen!


Baggu: This foldable tote will be GREAT to keep in my diaper bag, for those times when you could really use an extra tote. I frequently wish I had an extra bag to fill with beach toys, pool toys, or other kiddie items!


California Baby Travel Kit: Wonderful travel-size shampoo, conditioner, and hair gel! Perfect for my two little men, to make sure they look their best at Grandma's house!


Dapple detergent: Also received a travel size (3 washes worth) package of Dapple detergent. Dapple is a line of natural-based cleaning products for households with children. I may bring this to Grandma's too, so we can wash the baby's clothes in a more sensitive detergent if we need to.


The final item in the box was a certificate for three free Postagrams. It is a program that you can use to make postcards from pictures on your phone. This sounds very cute, and I'll have to try it!!

Check out Citrus Lane for yourself! $25/month for a wonderful box of mom-recommended products!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Day Off From Work

Yesterday was the 4th of July, which meant that it was a rare occasion that my husband and I both had the day off from work! We 'slept in' until 7 a.m. - how glorious that was! Then we all got dressed and decided what we wanted to do for the day. I wanted to sleep all day, but I got overruled. We ended up heading to the mall for a quick trip, and then headed to a neighborhood fair type event. They ran out of hot dogs, at 11:30. How does that happen? POOR PLANNING. We bought some tickets for the boys to play games, and 'won' about 1,000 glow necklaces because that's all that was left of the choices. After chasing J out of the bounce house, "Just ONE more time?" we headed up to the playground.

Then, we headed home for nap time (yay!), and J said his tummy didn't feel good. Long story short- by the end of the day, I had cleaned up more than my fair share of #2 and puke. Lesson learned: Do not let your kid eat bacon and ice cream for dinner. (But I think he has a stomach bug, in fairness) Rather than focusing on that, I choose to just remember the day this way:


Matching t-shirts! How was your 4th of July holiday?