Monday, May 20, 2013

While I Was Away... A Report Card for My Husband

This past week, I spent Tuesday through Friday in Atlanta- across the country from my boys. The good news is that everyone survived. The bad news is, I'm giving my husband an overall grade of "C" for performance while I was gone. Here's the rundown-

Diaper Duty. F. Mayhem had zero diapers when I got home. ZERO. And the worst part, Jake didn't even know it. Sigh.

Keeping the House in Order. C. The backyard was littered with dog waste and toys, but the inside was alright.

Bathtime. D. The kids had dirty nails, and our sitter reported that Mayhem was still wearing the same outfit from the day prior one day when he woke up... so changing him into pajamas, too much?

Doggy Duty. B. Nothing appeared to be ruined, stained, or chewed up. I believe they were fed, and they had water in their bowls.

Airport Pickup. A. My flight landed early, and he was there- enthusiastic and WITH the boys. :) And we went out to dinner. Well done, Daddy.

Exemplary Effort. A. He got the dent in my minivan taken care of while I was gone. It's been there since January. YES!

So, overall, everyone survived. There was no food in the house, no diapers, and the kids were dirty. But... we went to dinner together on Friday night, Mayhem wore a pair of Little J's Pull-Ups, and we're all OK.

Have you left your husband with the kids before? How did it go?


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