Friday, November 7, 2014

Last Saturday... 11.1.14

I woke up and said, "Soccer at 9:30, right?" The hubs responded, "Yup... that's what you told me." And so began our 'typical' Saturday. It was our day to bring snacks for the soccer team, so after I got a shower- I spent some time putting together little bags of goodies, packing a cooler with mini Gatorades, and packing the diaper bag for #3. We had everything- chairs, the snack, J's ball, extra clothes for the baby. What could go wrong?! Well, soccer was at 12:30, not 9:30. You would THINK I would check my calendar before driving to the field... but nope.
The hubs decides that it's a perfect time to head to Costco, since it's not exactly close to where we live. "We're already out, ready for soccer- and we have THREE HOURS!" So, off we went. After taking our sweet time, and filling a shopping cart- we went to check out. Hubs starts to pat his shorts, and the pockets in his sweatshirt... "Um, do YOU have my wallet?" "No." "Hmm, I don't seem to have it!" We are in line, at this point- ready to check out. With perishable food, three children, and a long line behind us. I ran out to the car, to see if I had my wallet in the diaper bag. I usually do, but today? No, of course not.
We ended up applying for a Costco American Express card, so we could pay for our groceries! Then, we drove about 30 minutes home- with just enough time to drop off the food and get to the soccer game. I open the garage, and run inside to put some food on the counter. The dogs are both sitting in the front entry way, and looking up. I think it's odd, but I'm in too much of a rush to really process what they are doing. As I re-enter the kitchen, I notice that the backdoor has been open. This. Entire. Time. Then I hear wings beating against glass. CHIRP CHIRP. A panicked little bird had flown into our house, and was stuck against the windows in the front of the house. Out of my reach.
Hubs runs upstairs, to grab his wallet and gets dive bombed by the freaked out bird. It ends up in the bathroom. "Close the door!" I end up climbing into our bathtub and opening the bathroom window to let the darn thing out.
THEN, finally, we get to the soccer game. Little J's team loses, and I have one too few goody bags for the 'younger siblings' so he has to graciously give own bag up. Well, at least we my college football team won that day! Just another Saturday at our crazy house...
Electric Eels soccer team, Little J is far right