Monday, June 23, 2014

MMG: Another Weekend of Unrest 6.23.14


On Friday, I got to attend the summer birthday celebration for Little J's class. He was a bit confused, "It's not my birthday, is it?" But it was nice to be able to see him enjoying his classmates, and the beautiful southern California weather. Even Mayhem got to participate, which was really nice for him! 

Since our downstairs is still under construction, we've ALL been spending way too much time in the master bedroom. Some of us are enjoying the 'special privilege'... Below are some shots of Ms. Kallie enjoying her time in bed with Mayhem and Momma. Crazy dog...

Then there is this bed hog, Ms. Mollie. Unfortunately, we discovered another large lump on her this weekend. She'll be going in to get it removed tomorrow morning. :( Poor thing. 

Sunday was the US vs. Portugal World Cup game, which was a great game! I have to admit I fell asleep during some parts, I am very pregnant! And while I was cheering for the US (of course), I was enjoying watching this man! 

Cristiano Ronaldo in US vs. Portugal World Cup Game 6.22.14
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Thanks to Leeann and Kimberlee for featuring me this week!

How was your weekend, did you watch the World Cup? 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Heroes of the City: Baby App Ages 0-2

In March, I reviewed a Heroes of the City app, which contained 9 different games for kids ages 3-6 years old. Heroes of the City recently released a new Baby app for children 0-2+ years. Their goal was to create a great app for small children that is entertaining, educational and inspires children to be creative. The app is totally free, without advertising and has no in-app purchase. Everything in this app is especially designed for the youngest children. 

In order to property review this app, I downloaded it on my iPhone and had Mayhem test it out. He loved it! His motor skills are still developing, so he gets easily frustrated with some of the 'big kid' games and apps that his older brother plays with. This app is tailor-made for the younger crowd. The Baby App has a game where you simply tap on balloons to pop them- which sounds simple, but that's the point! Mayhem enjoyed playing that, because (I think) he could do it all by himself. 

Another item that he enjoyed was the painting (bottom left icon), because you can color in the Heroes of the City characters. It kept Mayhem busy while his brother was in swim class, which was great! I actually got to watch Little J swim! The center bottom icon was a shape matching game, which I saw him playing for a short time also. 

I would recommend this app to anyone looking for a 'first app', to see how your toddler can handle the touch screen. It is great for the younger crowd, especially if they like the Heroes of the City books and DVDs! 

Links for the app are below, for iTunes or Google Play:

Monday, June 9, 2014

MMG: More Remodel Progress! 6.9.14

Photos of our remodel in progress: Left- new kitchen window and new cabinets being built,
Top Right- lower cabinets being built, and Bottom Right- freshly painted laundry room! 

Happy Monday! I can't believe another week has flown by. This weekend, I missed a family gathering (it was across the country, and I'm not able to fly) for my Grandmother's 90th Birthday!! I wish I could have been there to celebrate with her, and the family- since this was a major milestone! Happy Birthday, Grandma! 

Instead, I spent the weekend selecting a granite slab, tile, tile pattern, laminate flooring, and appliances. I know that sounds like fun to some people, but when it isn't something you had planned on doing... it's not very glamorous. On Saturday, my husband worked until noon- so we rushed over to a location about an hour away from home, with two tired boys. Luckily, they were very well behaved and we were able to get a great deal on the granite for our kitchen! We're seeing some real progress in the kitchen with new windows and cabinets going in! See the photos above. 

Quick Baby Update: I'm now 32 weeks pregnant, so this remodel needs to get wrapped up soon- so I can start nesting! Looking at my June calendar, this month is going to FLY. It's packed full of birthdays, BBQs, our wedding anniversary, a visit from Mom and Dad, J's last day of school, etc.! 

How was your weekend?!

Monday, June 2, 2014

MMG: Progress to Report! 6.2.14

Happy Monday! This weekend went WAY too fast! But first, an update on our 'flood status' from last week. We moved back home last Wednesday, because it was just too difficult to deal with the two dogs in a hotel- and also, because everyone was stir crazy. In other words, we moved home so we could use our backyard and sleep in our own beds. The entire first floor of our home is still wiped out- although, we do have a refrigerator? And, several of you have asked what exactly happened- and it was the dishwasher supply line. It burst, and flooded the entire first floor while we were sleeping. It wasn't actually a slab leak.  

We are working on getting quotes from contractors to repair all the damage, and once we settle the amount with the insurance company- we can get started on fixing everything. We have 9 weeks to get it all back together, because that is when Baby Boy is due! I'll wait until you stop laughing... are you done? OK. So, here's how our weekend went! 

Friday, I worked from home- while two contractors measured every square inch of my downstairs... and a handy man fixed our (unrelated) leaky toilet upstairs. And, of course, Mayhem was not feeling well- this is the only picture I have from the entire weekend. It just about sums up my Friday. Luckily, he bounced back quickly and was able to keep up with us this weekend.

Saturday morning, we had swim class and then headed straight to the tile store to look at new granite counter tops and tile floors for the impromptu kitchen remodel. That basically took all afternoon, but we agreed on a floor style, cabinet style/color, and a granite color. So we made progress! Now we need to get the insulation replaced and drywall repaired, so we can paint the entire first floor and then replace the flooring! Baby steps. 

Sunday we went to Laguna Beach for the morning, and had brunch with friends and walked around. It was so nice to get out of the house, and be in the gorgeous California weather for a while. I really needed that! How was your weekend?