Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Working Mother Identity

This post on ABC News rang so true to my life... http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/lifestyle/2012/04/working-moms-social-misfits-how-to-fight-isolation/ Recently, I switched departments in my office- so, wanting to fit in with 'the girls' upstairs... I invited THEM to happy hour. I have not received any invites since. It makes you question whether people just don't like you (totally possible), or if they don't invite you because you have children. Send an invite, I'll accept every now and then!

[caption id="attachment_508" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Image Source: http://chicagonista.com/featured/to-work-or-not-to-work-the-mommy-decision/[/caption]

99% of the time, given the choice between happy hour or time with my boys... I'll choose time with my boys. But every once in a while, when I've had a particularly frustrating (or satisfying) day at the office- I want to let loose a bit and head to happy hour!

When the majority of your time is spent at the office, and you struggle with the pressures of motherhood, working and being a wife... you have to maintain some sense of self. This blog helps me with that, and provides me an outlet. I hope that the ABC News article shows other working mothers that they are not alone, and that we are all experiencing similar issues!

What do you do to maintain a sense of self?


  1. I can totally see that coming from co-workers. But, since I work from home, my "happy hour" invitations are from my family, who usually gets hungry at 3:45. Since I don't get invitations from co-workers, I don't miss them.

    I mostly have a hard time fitting in with the stay at home moms from school. You can tell who they are. They're so clickish, always standing out front in their cute outfits chatting, going to get coffee, heading to tennis, meeting on school holidays for playdates. I, on the otherhand, screach into the parking lot, get out, hussle in, sign in, back out to the car in under 5. Yes, I know that I may look like the rude one, but I have work to get to, and I can't spend 20 minutes gabbing in the parking lot. Would it kill any of them to say hi, or to even smile back as I'm rushing past with a quick "good morning?"

  2. Ouch. Yes, you have an extra layer! I can offer no assistance- but we can do our own play dates!!