Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flip Slips Save the Day!

So, a while back- my sister  who blogs at I Have A Degree In This! won a pair of Flip Slips from a giveaway from Midtown Girl  - but the shoes didn't come in her size (she wears a 4). So she graciously ordered them in my size, and sent them to me. I put them in my drawer at work, basically forgetting about them... until...

I had a City Council presentation to make, which means it has been a very long day. I get to work at 7:30 am and the Council meeting begins at 7 pm. I had a new pair of shoes on, and my feet are KILLING me. My boss offers to go grab a Starbucks before the meeting starts. And I think to myself, "Sure that would be great, if I COULD WALK!" Then, I remember that I had my Flip Slips!

I threw them on, and walked across the street. My feet were so happy! I hadn't through these foldable flats would be so comfortable! I love that they come with a tote bag, for storable. And they take up absolutely no room, so you can stash the anywhere. I highly recommend them, thanks Sis!


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