Saturday, May 19, 2012

Citrus Lane

I ordered a Citrus Lane gift subscription, at the suggestion of my sister. I'm so glad she shared this wonderful site with me!
When given as a gift, a box would arrive each month for the length of the subscription- with baby items directed at your child's age and gender.

The May Citrus Lane box was themed "Fun in the Sun"- which is perfect, becuase today was 82 degrees here!



Included in this box were:

1. iPlay Sun Protection Hat: This type of hat is essential for our summer pool outings, since my children have my fair skin. This hat is adorable, bright blue with a hawaiian print design and guitars!


2. Green Toys Stacking Cups: I love this toy, because I can toss it in my beach bag and keep Mayhem entertained in the sand. I also love that they are 'green'- so when he inevitably puts them in his mouth, it's not going to worry me!


3. Plum Organics Greek Yogurt Blend: Love these Plum products, which contain no sweetners or salt, just organic ingredients! I can never have too much food with Mayhem around...

4. eco BABY All Natural Sunscreen: Just in time for the summer heat, I'm always looking for sunscreen that is safe for my fair babies!


5. Joyus $15 gift card: I would have been happy with just the other items in the box- but I also get to explore a new website, and go shopping!



I also appreciated the pamphlet included with the box, that had some little tips and tricks! What a great company- I wish I had thought of this!! I love the concept of getting an exciting box each month- tailored to your child's age. This box gets me ready for summer! Can't wait to try the sunscreen and go shopping with my gift card!


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