Monday, May 7, 2012

Mommy Van - Here I Come!

Well, I finally have to admit that a 5 seater vehicle is not for us. We can fit, but any additional items make it very cramped. By additional items, I mean things like a basset hound, a stroller, a tv, bicycles or kitchen chairs. All of which have been in my car over the past week.

Also, with the two car seats in the back- we cannot comfortably bring ANYONE with us ANYWHERE! So, when my mom and dad want to go somewhere with us- we have to take two cars. This has taken us to the point of revisiting the minivan discussion. To this point, I have said things like, "I would die before I own a minivan." "Why would anyone drive that?"

Now, some background- my mother drove a minivan until I was a teenager. The most memorable was the Ford Windstar, or 'the clunker'. Yes, I have fond memories of trips in these vehicles. But there is something else about it, and I think I've finally put my finger on it. Purchasing a minivan means I have given myself over to my children completely.

Not that I haven't done that mentally already (for the most part!). But when I drive to work and then drive home- all that time in my car (which is about two hours) is MINE. It's my last bastion of Keri-ness. I can listen to music other than 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' or the Lion King soundtrack. I can zone out, and know that no one will need me until I get home. Until my husband calls, and snaps me back into reality...

And they are so darn practical... easy in and out of the third row, lots of space, low to the ground so they kids and dogs can jump up and down by themselves (saving my poor back!). I just can't fight it anymore.

So, those of you who have been here before me - Any minivan suggestions??


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