Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 3: TheCrazy Adventures of Staying Home with My Kids

Thursday- I decide to go 'low-key' today. We spend the morning playing with dinosaurs. 


Then we plan to meet a couple friends at the Ladera Water Park in the early afternoon. J loves the place, and I know that Mayhem will enjoy being in the water. So I pack up the van, and head over at 1 pm. J usually takes his nap around 2 pm, but I tell myself that we'll stay a few hours- and just take a late nap. I slather all three of us in sunscreen. I pack a bag of snacks, and a bag of toys. I stake out some lounge chairs... and I'm thinking we're doing well. It's hot, but we're OK. My friend brings her 'older kids'- they are 5 and 7 (Hi, Jen!). Usually, J stays RIGHT with me- but this time he's decided to venture off with them. During our periodic 'safety breaks'- I'm prepared with snacks and more sunscreen.

Then, it's time to go home. Besides the fact that I have lost some toys to the greater good... J does NOT want to leave. He loses his mind. This is not my child. He does not act like this. But, he is extremely tired... and it's 4 pm. I hand Mayhem to Jen- and begin to chase J through the water park. In my sundress. I end up dragging him part of the way, and threatening his life under my breath. I load up the stroller the best I can- and stick J in it. He's wet, wrapped in a towel, crammed in a stroller, and screaming. I hold my head up, put Mayhem on my hip- and march to the car.

Boy, was I ready to go back to work. I told my husband, "If I say that I want to stay home with them again, just let me. Then, ask me again after two days home with them. I bet I'll say 'nevermind, working's not so bad!'" He just laughed, but I wasn't joking. I love my children, but I'm not sure that I'm cut out to be home with them full-time. Could I do it? Yes. Would it be the best move for our family? Not likely. Brutal honesty.

Has anyone else had an eye-opening experience like this?!


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