Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 2: The Crazy Adventures of Staying Home with My Kids

After Tuesday, I decided that I would try a more mellow day. Wednesday, my plans included story time at our local library, getting a new pool key (we had lost ours), and visiting my co-workers. So we got ourselves together and headed for the 'clubhouse' where we could get our pool key. I had called ahead to make sure that we could pick up a new one, "Sure, the cost is $20." Small price to pay for access to our community pool...except she says, "Oh, no, we issue the cards not the keys." "OK, how do I get a key?" "Call Gabriel." "Who is he, what's his phone number, how long is this going to take?" Sigh. Can she not see the two impatient children I'm dragging around with me? First task: FAIL.

Next, we head to the library, which isn't open until 10. It's 9:30. So we sit in the van as long as humanly possible, losing about $10 in change down the 'Stow and Go' holes.. who knows what else is down there. At 9:45 we head to the door, and go up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs, down the stairs... until they unlock the gate. I head to the story time area. "All storytime guests must be registered." "I think I registered online." "No, you entered the LOTTERY for registration. They will contact you when you can attend." SERIOUSLY? Wasn't story time when we were young something that you just showed up to? Now, I have to get 'on the list'? Fine. Where are the dinosaur books? Nice, and entire section - complete with a giant dinosaur! Mayhem starts unshelving books at a rapid pace, and as I'm trying to alphabetize while assisting with J's book selection... Mayhem empties my purse on the floor. THANKS, KID! Second task: FAIL, but at least we got some books!

Then we head to my office, mingle with my co-workers. Mayhem runs down each hallway at least once, and throws himself on the floor (tired). J doesn't want to leave, and impresses everyone with his dinosaur knowledge. I give up, drive through McDonald's and watch helplessly as Mayhem pours an entire milkshake on himself in his carseat. Final task: FAIL!

The only photo I took all day was this one, while J was napping. Image

The one thing that was a success was that I cleaned out the toy box, and found the pool key! Well, I know that tomorrow we are meeting friends at the Ladera waterpark.That sounds relaxing- what could go wrong?


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