Saturday, August 11, 2012

Big Headed Babies

At our 18 month old check-up with Baby Mayhem this week, it was once again pointed out that my children have very large heads. Like, larger than 95% of their peers at any given time. Does the pediatrician think that I would be unaware of this fact? I have to buy t-shirts for Mayhem that have snaps on the neck opening. Otherwise, they don't fit over his head. I had (and still have) the same problem with J. My boys have large heads. I'm not sure why anyone would think that this would be news to me- I HAD THEM. I wanted to mention that hydrocephalus is one of the reasons that pediatricians measure babies' head sizes- so before you think I'm being insensitive, be aware that it was ruled out because the boys were alert, happy and meeting all their 'milestones.' Anyways, after our last visit I started thinking (most likely, defensively) about the pros and cons of having a large head. Here they are!


1. Clothing issues. As I mentioned, I have to pay special attention to how things are going to fit over their heads. Onesies work well, but once they outgrow those- t-shirts with snaps work well. Rash guards, which are necessary because of another common trait- PASTY SKIN- must be purchased in a size (or 2) up from what they are wearing.

2. Top-heavy. This causes some issues in learning to sit up, crawl or walk. Those heads are HEAVY!

3. Being called a 'big boy'. The size of their heads makes them appear larger than they actually are. I get many, many comments about my 'big boys'. Yeah, I get it- they aren't petite little girls. And that's OK!


1. Camera-ready. Just like John Travolta, having a large head makes you look better in pictures.

2. Big brains
. Do you know what's in those big heads? Big brains. Nuff said.

3. Helmet heads
. Their oversized heads seem to take hits better than others. Or maybe they are just tough cookies. :)


Having a large head hasn't hindered either of these boys. Both walked right at 12 months (ok, Mayhem was a bit earlier). They'll look good in pictures, and I'll have to buy clothes slightly larger- no big deal. In fact, I'm a bit jealous- because I have a tiny head, and I can never wear hats because they don't stay on my head!!


  1. Mac has the same problem. We just got her ayso uniform, and the neck hole is too small to fit over her head, so I'm going to have to cut it.

    Yay for big domes!