Saturday, August 25, 2012

August Bluum Box


I finally received my August Bluum box. This subscription service provides samples geared towards babies (0-12 months) and mommies. While both of my boys are older than 12 months, I wanted to give this company a try! First of all, the packaging is adorable- good work ladies! Below is a description of the items that I received.

1. Hip Peas (0.5 oz. sample size)- This company provides natural hair products for little kids. Their products are environmentally friendly, and they also give 10% of their profits to child-focused charities. Hip Peas is their balm, which I would love to try- but my children have the shortest, fairest hair you've ever seen. I may need to borrow a friend's daughter to test!


2. Caldrea Hand Soap- Caldrea provides quality, earth-friendly products and uses essential oils and plant-derived ingredients. The website says that they sell these products at Target, I am definitely going to give some of the cleaning products a try!


3. Amalou Skin Care (2 0.5 oz sample sizes)- This is the first and only full maternity skin care line. These products work to balance, cleanse and moisturize to provide a healthy glow during pregnancy! The Bluum box included an exfoliating face wash and a detoxifying tonic. I'm glad that I know this exists!


4. Triple Cream (full 2 oz. size)- At first, I thought this was Triple Paste- which I have used on both my boys to clear up nasty diaper rash. This is different though- Triple CREAM. This product is formulated to deliver a blend of healing ingredients to provide relief for dry skin or eczema. My older son actually has eczema, and from a quick test of this product- it very nourishing, and it doesn't leave a film. I'll be keeping this one in his room!


5. Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara and Oil-Free Makeup Remover- What's nice about Bluum is that they include items for Mommies too! I was happy to see this Mary Kay pack in my Bluum box! I have actually never tried Mary Kay- so this is a first for me!


All in all in think this is a good subscription service. I like that there was a full size item (Triple Cream), and I like that it had items for me AND the kids. The packaging is nice, and there were several discounts included in the box. And the price is right! I stopped getting the Citrus Lane box because it was a bit pricey. I also suggested that they include 'big kids' in the subscription- and I was told they are working on it! Good work, Bluum!!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention- the Wittlebee kids clothing club. A discount card was included, which also explains how the service works. For $39.99/month, they ship $100 of new kids clothing items to your house with free shipping. For each order, they donate a onesie to a nonprofit. Cute idea, but I prefer to shop for clothes!


  1. YEY! That's cool that they included an item for mommies. Better see you rock it!

    I also got a sample of that Caldrea soap hehe