Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Scary Saturday

On Saturday at 2 am, Baby Mayhem had his second febrile seizure. This time, we knew what was happening- but it didn't make it any easier to deal with. I heard him moaning in his crib. It wasn't the usual cry, and when I walked in his room I immediately knew something was wrong. He didn't sit up to greet me, and pick up his blankie like he normally does. Instead, he was bright red, shaking, and stiff. It was heart wrenching. I picked him up carefully, and tried to hold him. That's when I realized he was drooling and flaming hot. I ran into our bedroom, handed him to Daddy and ran downstairs for the Baby Tylenol and thermometer.

I was afraid to give him Tylenol until he stopped seizing, because I didn't want him to choke on it. The doctor told us to put him in the middle of the bed, turn him on his side, and 'let it happen'. If it lasted more than 15 minutes, we could be concerned and call someone. Easy to say, easy to hear, hard to do. It was absolutely awful. When he came around, he only wanted me. He was scorching hot, so I wanted to keep him away from my body heat. But he wouldn't have it. We ended up with a cool damp towel draped over him (he didn't like it, but couldn't really fight it) and I just held him. Once he responded to my voice, I felt better. But I could tell that he was miserable. The poor child. What scares me is that his first one was only two months ago! I hope he doesn't have these frequently, I can't handle it! Saturday night wasn't much better, I was afraid to really fall asleep. But he seems to be back to normal now... although he's still snuggly...



  1. Keri & Jake: Special prayers for you all as you deal with this traumatic time. Sounds like you are doing all you can, according to the medical profession, but it has to be difficult as a parent. Hugs to Zachary.