Wednesday, June 13, 2012

As a Mom...

Becoming a mother brings certain responsibilities. There will be times when everyone looks at you. And the more children you have, the more eyes you have staring at you for answers. I wish I knew these things before I became a mom. I wanted to share some of the things that you are expected to know:

1. What's for dinner? You must know this before breakfast is done, so start thinking. No one will like it anyways.

2. Location of 'lovey'. If your child has a lovey, you must know where it is ALL AT TIMES. There was one Thanksgiving, where J left his lovey at a family member's home. They were gracious enough to overnight it back to us, once it was discovered. There was also a close call in Target, when we dropped it out of the shopping cart and didn't realize it until we got home! href="">20120613-193821.jpg

3. Why is the baby crying? When your child cries, everyone is looking at you. Fix it now. No pressure.

4. How to do things with half as many hands as you used to. I can do the laundry, do the dishes, set the table, and serve dinner with a child on my hip.

5. Are we there yet? You must be able to entertain the children in the car, no matter how long the drive. And you should probably take traffic into account. And the possibility that you may need extra diapers, and snacks, and toys.

6. Inventory of your home. Do you have enough sunscreen? What about Cheerios? Diapers? Toilet paper? Wipes? No one will know, except you!

7. Where are your car keys, your wallet, and your cell phone? You aren't going anywhere without them!

8. How to prioritize. What's more important- getting the house straightened up, or getting a nap in. I can tell you that sleep is ALWAYS a priority for me!

Are there things you didn't know would be expected of you, as a mother? Please share!



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