Friday, June 15, 2012

Citrus Lane Box - June 2012

My June Citrus Lane box just arrived! It made a rattle noise, so the boys were very excited to open it. I was excited to see that the theme of the box was 'the little artist'. The rattle noise was maracas, which are apparently the best toy ever. I may have to hide them, so I don't get a headache though.


The items this month include:

1. Wee Can Too Veggie Art Kit. This 'veggie baby art kit' is edible finger paint and crayons. I love this concept, since toddlers have a tendency to put finger paint right into their mouth. The kit is made of organic ingredients and real fruits and vegetables! There are also crayons. I will be very interested to see what Mayhem thinks of this kit.

2. Sampler CD. I will add this CD to my car collection. Putumayo 2012 Playground Sampler includes 6 songs from around the world.

3. Pop & Lolli Decal. My only problem with this adorable owl is deciding where to put him. J said he looks like 'Z' from Nick Jr. and loves his hat.


4. Hohner Kids Musical Instruments. This is the maracas. Bright green, with yellow details they make you happy just looking at them. And both boys love the noise they make!

5. BabyGanics Toy & Table Cleaner. I've wanted this product, so I'm glad it was included! Especially this week, with germs everywhere. In fact, I can use it on the maracas right now...

6. Minted Offer. Lastly, the box included a $35 credit towards items at This website features absolutely adorable birth announcements, party invitations, and stationary. I have never used it, but I'm going to check it out!


  1. Ooh perhaps you could order Jacob's birthday invites on Minted? Looks like a cute box!

  2. This was our first Citrus Lane box. We got exactly what you received. I've seen several of the past month's boxes and this one was very unimpressvie. $25 for a pair of plastic maracas and some Baby Genics spray? The rest is just silly filler. Very disappointed.

  3. Sorry to hear that you're disappointed! Did you look on yet? Maybe using your credit there would make you feel better? I would say that I liked the fun in sun stuff better...

  4. What age is your box for?

  5. The box is for my younger son, he is 16 months old.