Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little J is Starting School!

I signed Little J up for preschool! He will be attending summer session for two weeks, then Vacation Bible School for a week in mid-August, and then 'real' preschool September 10th! On our way to the school, J asked me if he should bring his dinosaurs to show the other kids. We met the school administrator on Friday morning and Little J didn't want to leave! He asked me if we could stay because the kids looked like they were having 'so much fun'! I explained that we couldn't stay, but he would be coming to play with the kids very soon.

While I filled out forms and talked, Little J sat at a table and colored. Mayhem pushed a chair against the table, climbed on it, laughed, and threw a toy to the ground. At least this woman had a preview of the child who will likely pass through her doors in a year or so! After we were finished talking, Little J pushed his chair in and cleaned up the toys on the table. I was proud of him already!

When we went to the neighborhood pool this weekend, J was desperate for the kids to play with him. I can tell he's ready for school. He's ready to expand his horizons. I told him to say, "Hi, I'm J. What's your name?" and to ask "How old are you?" Hopefully, he will make the conversation work! And if he is ready, then I am ready. I know it will be really exciting for him to be able to play with other children his age. I am a nerd and I always liked school. It seems that J will follow in my footsteps- and I can't wait to share the fun with him!


  1. Preschool is fun for mommy too... :) new shoes, new backpack, new lunch box, new mommies to meet, art projects for mommy every day. I loved school too, and I love seeing my kids love school.