Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughts on Preschool...

As my son turns three and a half, I have been forced to deal with the issue of preschool.  It is an expected part of his 4th year of life, and many children start even sooner than that. 

First, I was excited.  It is a big step, it will be good for him, and he'll make new friends.  Then, I convinced myself he was not ready.  He was not potty trained, and he seems quite happy in his current routine.  Now, I am realizing that maybe it is ME that isn't ready.

Preschool is a big step.  Jacob is my first child, and sending him off to school seems crazy!  He's my baby!  I JUST had him (OK, August 2008 seems far away, when you think of it that way...).  He can't be ready for that.  Once you go to school, you are in school for years. 

I am not afraid of how he will act, or that he wouldn't like being there.  I know that the social interaction will do wonders for him, and that he will love absorbing all the information that he possibly can.   

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 So why do I have hesitation?  I don't stay home with him, so why does it even make a difference to me?  Going to school means he will be more independent, and that is what I want for him.  But that also means that I have to let go of him, just a little bit.  I don't think I would ever be ready for that step! 

Did you dread sending your little one off to school?


  1. Let him go - you got another one! hehe

  2. Kim- It doesn't quite work like that!