Monday, January 2, 2012

He wants to own a zoo...

Besides the two boys and two adults that we have in our tiny townhouse with a patio for a yard, we also have a variety of animals.  We lost two geckos since we moved in, which I have not let my husband replace.  We have the two dogs (basset hound and dachshund), three turtles and a beta fish.  I know, beta fish are hardly any work.  The dogs are like our first children, and they are groomed and vaccinated regularly (costly though it may be...).  The turtles... well... I could do without the turtles.  My sister and I got them while we shared an apartment in LA.  Then she moved to New York, and the turtles moved in with me. 

My husband thinks that we should ALSO have a coonhound.  And his latest obsession a jellyfish aquarium.  For Christmas, I got him the Discovery Kids jellyfish lamp...

I thought I was clever, but it just made him want the real jellyfish even more.  We should be living on a farm in Montana to fit all of the animals that he wants to live with us.  He has even said, "If the house was on fire, would you save the turtles?" Answer: No. I'd save my wedding dress before I'd save those.... ugh, maybe not.  They are living beings.  But I would probably resent them for the rest of their lives.

So now when I see the marketing for the new Matt Damon movie "We Bought a Zoo"- I just hope that my husband doesn't get any more ideas!