Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby nicknames

Our older son has always been cautious and well-behaved. Jacob is 'by the book'.  He doesn't want us to call him anything but his name. He doesn't even want us to say, "Are you being funny?" His reply, "No, I'm Jacob."  He did not prepare me for our second child.  Our second son, Zachary, is very active.  A typical 11 month old, he's interested, curious, and lots of fun. He is also 'mayhem'.  He clears the table, the couch, the shelves, and whatever is in his reach.  He smiles at you, while he does it.  Then he crawls away to do it somewhere else. He is the complete opposite of his brother. He's always moving, and always eating!

Now, it is VERY possible that it is just the addition of a second child that makes the house chaotic.  But he is so different from our first, that he seems like such a handful. A wonderful, happy, beautiful handful.  My family calls him 'Baby Mayhem' and I even heard Jacob call him that yesterday. My husband and I were laughing at an Allstate Insurance commercial.  The commercial featured the Mayhem character, and we had been chasing Zachary around the living room- so we looked at each other and said, "He's Baby Mayhem!" And so, that's his nickname.

[caption id="attachment_130" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Baby Mayhem"][/caption]

I took a picture of what he did in 30 seconds, while I tried to put his laundry away last week. His brother, who likes things in their place, was horrified.  I'm not sure why I try to keep his toys in bins.  He loves taking things out of containers/boxes/bins.  Now I just need to wait for him to take interest in putting things BACK into bins.

I never gave Jacob a nickname. He is 'just Jacob', and he can't be Jake because that is his Daddy. But Mayhem has quickly acquired one.  It got me to wondering- do you have a nickname for your child?  How did you come about it?


  1. It's amazing how siblings can have such opposite personalities. I grew up around 5 others and it's a lot of fun. Somehow there would be a common denominator that glues them together. As for nicknames, I had one for my son when he was smaller, "Abubot!" Translates to handful and all over the place. Yes, I can relate totally with your second son. but this is what brightens our day and make our hearts smile with joy.