Thursday, August 6, 2015

Birthday Weekend Extravaganza! Part 1

This weekend was...chaotic. We had our youngest turn 1, our oldest turn 7, and my sister turned 30! Friday was spent cleaning the house and preparing for the party. This included icing 72 cupcakes, thanks for your help Sis! 

Pinterest-inspired alligator cupcakes
His birthday was alligator themed (obviously). We had a bounce house for the older kids, and alligator ring toss. It was a casual backyard event. The birthday boy was pretty worn out, and ended up going down for a nap before his guests left. 

Birthday boy, while he was clean (left) and after cake (right). He enjoyed his cupcake!

I was determined to give him a birthday party all his own, for his first birthday. Mission accomplished. I can't believe he's already one! Birthday weekend extravaganza Part 2- Little J, coming soon! 


  1. hehe he looks so tired but glad we got a clean shot of his shirt :)