Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Best Ways to Stay Cool with Kids this Summer!

This weekend was hot and humid here in Southern California, which is NOT what we're used to! We spent a lot of time outside, celebrating birthdays with friends and family. I wanted to share a few tips on how to stay cool with the little ones this summer. 

1. Go to the pool! This is our favorite option for staying cool in the summer. We spent Saturday morning at the pool, and everyone not only cooled down but also got VERY TIRED :) And the icing on the cookie made Mayhem's tongue a lovely shade...

Little J and Mayhem at the Pool
2. Dress for the Humidity. Loose, lightweight clothing is best. Cotton clothing in light colors will help reflect the heat and allow your skin to breathe. The baby is modeling a romper for you below. 

Wear a romper to stay cool! :)
 3. Make it Fun. While we were at the OC Fair on Sunday afternoon, the boys enjoyed spraying each other (and us) with these mister fans! It really does help you feel cooler.
Image Source: Amazon.com
 4. Stay in the shade, and avoid being outdoors at the hottest time of the day. The later afternoon (around 4 pm) is the best time to be in the sun. So, wait until AFTER nap time to head outside to play with the water table! And be sure to put an umbrella over the play area if possible.

and last, but definitely not least...

Image source: http://www.cmfe.org/
5. Stay hydrated. Be sure to have the kids drink lots of water, so that no one gets dehydrated! Drink before you're thirsty and eat fruit which also helps your body replenish the water it needs.

What do you do to keep cool?


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