Thursday, August 13, 2015

Birthday Weekend Extravaganza ~ Part 2

We spent Sunday night at the Legoland Hotel, which was WAY cooler than I imagined it would be! I was worried that we would only be spending a short time there, and that the boys wouldn't get the full experience. But the hotel did a great job having activities for the kids. There was a dance party ~ to wear the kids out, no doubt! Another highlight was an outdoor movie on a big screen by the pool when it was dark. 

They were trying to spell Legos with their hands, which caused some confusion... 
 We had a great group of friends, and the boys all had a great time with the birthday boy. No arguing, no competition, just fun!

Team huddle to decide their next move!
The boys were all fascinated with the Star Wars area, where they stayed together and admired the thousands upon thousands of Legos used to recreate each of the Star Wars scenes.

The Star Wars exhibit was a favorite. Where else could you get 5 young boys to sit still for a this long!
It was a day he will remember. We all had a great time, thanks to his wonderful friends and grandparents!  


  1. lol didn't realize they were trying to spell Legos :p Glad everyone had fun!