Monday, June 2, 2014

MMG: Progress to Report! 6.2.14

Happy Monday! This weekend went WAY too fast! But first, an update on our 'flood status' from last week. We moved back home last Wednesday, because it was just too difficult to deal with the two dogs in a hotel- and also, because everyone was stir crazy. In other words, we moved home so we could use our backyard and sleep in our own beds. The entire first floor of our home is still wiped out- although, we do have a refrigerator? And, several of you have asked what exactly happened- and it was the dishwasher supply line. It burst, and flooded the entire first floor while we were sleeping. It wasn't actually a slab leak.  

We are working on getting quotes from contractors to repair all the damage, and once we settle the amount with the insurance company- we can get started on fixing everything. We have 9 weeks to get it all back together, because that is when Baby Boy is due! I'll wait until you stop laughing... are you done? OK. So, here's how our weekend went! 

Friday, I worked from home- while two contractors measured every square inch of my downstairs... and a handy man fixed our (unrelated) leaky toilet upstairs. And, of course, Mayhem was not feeling well- this is the only picture I have from the entire weekend. It just about sums up my Friday. Luckily, he bounced back quickly and was able to keep up with us this weekend.

Saturday morning, we had swim class and then headed straight to the tile store to look at new granite counter tops and tile floors for the impromptu kitchen remodel. That basically took all afternoon, but we agreed on a floor style, cabinet style/color, and a granite color. So we made progress! Now we need to get the insulation replaced and drywall repaired, so we can paint the entire first floor and then replace the flooring! Baby steps. 

Sunday we went to Laguna Beach for the morning, and had brunch with friends and walked around. It was so nice to get out of the house, and be in the gorgeous California weather for a while. I really needed that! How was your weekend?



  1. Oh my gosh that sucks so much. But I totally get it. In 2012 this happened to us! Well, my 4 year old dropped the toilet seat cover and broke the water line in the upstairs master bathroom. Long story short is flooded 3/4 of our house (it rained in our kitchen) and we had to move out into a hotel too. I'm happy to say our insurance took care of it very quickly. I hope yours does too, and that they pay for your hotel! They did for us. Good luck!

  2. I guess if any good has to come out of it you will have a pretty new kitchen? Ugh - I have been there - our house flooded in a Nor'Easter and it's just ugly. I hope it all gets done quickly for you and you adore your new kitchen.

  3. Awww, poor sweetie. Love his TMNT shirt, my little guy wears his as soon as it's clean each time. You're gonna love your new kitchen!!!

  4. Oh how horrible. Living in a hotel is not easy and I have never done with the kiddos. Good luck on getting everything fixed and back to normal.

  5. Yeah, we didn't do too well in the hotel either. Even without the dogs. Good luck on getting through it with the repairs