Monday, June 23, 2014

MMG: Another Weekend of Unrest 6.23.14


On Friday, I got to attend the summer birthday celebration for Little J's class. He was a bit confused, "It's not my birthday, is it?" But it was nice to be able to see him enjoying his classmates, and the beautiful southern California weather. Even Mayhem got to participate, which was really nice for him! 

Since our downstairs is still under construction, we've ALL been spending way too much time in the master bedroom. Some of us are enjoying the 'special privilege'... Below are some shots of Ms. Kallie enjoying her time in bed with Mayhem and Momma. Crazy dog...

Then there is this bed hog, Ms. Mollie. Unfortunately, we discovered another large lump on her this weekend. She'll be going in to get it removed tomorrow morning. :( Poor thing. 

Sunday was the US vs. Portugal World Cup game, which was a great game! I have to admit I fell asleep during some parts, I am very pregnant! And while I was cheering for the US (of course), I was enjoying watching this man! 

Cristiano Ronaldo in US vs. Portugal World Cup Game 6.22.14
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Thanks to Leeann and Kimberlee for featuring me this week!

How was your weekend, did you watch the World Cup? 


  1. Boo Ronaldo! those Kallie faces are amazing. Miss her!