Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Reason I've Been M.I.A...

If it feels like I've been gone for a while, it's true. I've been distracted. I didn't want to discuss this publicly until I was ready. But we've been trying to conceive for a year, for our third child. I'm happy to announce that we've (finally) succeeded!! I am officially 12 weeks pregnant, and the due date is August 2, 2014.

I had an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy in December. The image is below. It doesn't exactly look like a baby, but they tell me it is. I'm already convinced that it's a third boy, because I read this article about determining the gender at the first ultrasound. But we'll find out!

The boys are really excited. And I'm happy that I can stop worrying, and look forward to this summer. My best friend is getting married in New Jersey (across the country) on August 23, and I'm determined to be there. I can hope that the baby comes A LITTLE early, can't I?! Also, my oldest son's birthday is August 3rd- and he already shares his birthday with my sister! Apparently, that's a 'sweet spot' for our family. 

Welcome to my journey towards motherhood, for the third time! I'm sure it will be very different for me this time. I already forget that I'm pregnant sometimes! The nursery is in desperate need of some attention. I think I'll get a post up with before/after photos. And I'll check in much more regularly!  


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