Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We FINALLY Moved!!

We were finally able to move into our new house. It took 2 months to close escrow. I could tell you all the things that I still need to do, all the things we will need to fix, or all the obstacles we faced this weekend. But I'm going to try to focus on the positive aspects of this week...

My handsome little man

Little J is settled in the house before he starts kindergarten. He will be attending a wonderful school, and he can even walk (with an adult) to his new school. Several kids that he went to preschool with are attending this school, so hopefully we'll know some people.

Finally, he has all his 'stuff'!

'Baby' Mayhem has his 'big boy' room all set up, and he LOVES it. He actually asked me to bring him to bed last night! He said, "Momma, I tired. Come to my room, read my dinosaur book." How can I argue with that?

The dogs are adjusting well to the new house, and are enjoying their backyard.

Our appliances (fridge, washer and dryer) arrived this week. We are a functional home again! AND Thursday was the first USC football game of the season. Fight on!

How was your Labor Day weekend? 


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