Monday, August 26, 2013

Can We Stop the Judgy Judging?!?!

As an emotionally drained, exhausted mother of two, I have a serious request. Can we PLEASE stop the judging? It seems that every blog I read has good intentions, but the comments! oh the comments! Mothers judging Mothers. It needs to end. Most mothers are just trying to NOT mess up their children, and maintain some sort of sanity during this extremely taxing process that we call 'raising children.'

None of us are perfect, by any means. I'll start with a few 'confessions'... 

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1. I formula fed my boys. I did not breastfeed. Gasp. And I don't feel guilty about it. Double gasp. Because they are both healthy, happy boys. Isn't that what is important? I actually did give it a go, both times- but decided that all the angst and drain were going to affect both myself AND the baby! 

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2. I work full time, outside the home. My kids are in the care of someone other than myself for a majority of the week. I am still raising my children, and making the decisions that will affect them. But I also enjoy my job, and get personal satisfaction from my work. I feel that this will be a benefit to my children in the long run.

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3. I yell at my children. I get frustrated, I get angry, and I lose it sometimes. I'm not always the understanding, caring mother that I would like to be. This goes doubly for the time that I have been a mother of two. Everything is intensified, and that's good and bad. 

Now that some of my so-called sins are out there, can't we just realize that parenting is different for everyone. AND, importantly, until you are a parent- you do not understand how you will parent! Reading other blogs, that much bigger than mine... I read the comments that people post, and I am shocked by what I read. 

People that are out there telling other mothers (or fathers) that they are 'doing it wrong' must be so insecure about their parenting! Why else would someone behave that way? Do you agree? 


  1. I can see making comments that are helpful and constructive but coming out and just plain saying someone is wrong is being petty and shows what kind of people they are. So why would anyone take their comments seriously anyway?

  2. Wow, some people! I think raising children is the hardest job a mother will ever have. We have all screwed up sometime, somehow, somewhere with our children. They don't come with an instruction manual! People who pass judgement are trying to make themselves feel better by ridiculing someone else.