Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We're moving! I think...

We have lived in Ladera Ranch since 2007. We bought our townhouse at the peak of the market, which basically means that we overpaid. We have been waiting for the 'right time' to sell our home, when we could make all of our investment back- and it seemed that it may never come. Well, for whatever reason, January 2013 the Orange County housing market exploded. The prices have skyrocketed, and the supply is very low- so people are paying a lot for homes. That meant that we could put our home on the market, and see what happened. Well, April 17th we listed our home- and within 30 minutes someone had called to request a showing. The following week was very CHAOTIC, and I was trying to schedule showings around my children and my dogs. It was difficult, and 'clean' was difficult to maintain in our home.

The entire first week involved last minute scrambling, "OK, put the dogs in the garage, make sure they have water, turn the fan on, and head to the park" all while I'm at work about an hour away. I suppose this would have been one instance that a traditional day care situation would have been helpful! Still, I would have had 'the girls' to work around. I got one phone call from a realtor, "I let your dogs out of the garage, and they won't go back in- what should I do? Are they friendly? The little one is growling at me!"  Yes, a grown man was afraid of my 14 lb dachshund...

One quick side story, on Tuesday after work- a gentleman pulled up to our house, and asked if it was for sale. "I have cash," he said. "I can pay ALL cash!" It seemed our house was in high demand. So, we received 4 (legitimate) offers after that week. I thought to myself, well at least that was quick! We were in escrow with an all cash buyer, and things were looking great. Then, one by one, we went through each of our 4 offers. We went into escrow, and fell out. 4 times. It was a rollercoaster!

So, here we are on May 14- nearly a month after we listed our home. We have two full price offers, with conventional loans. We have signed an offer, and a backup offer- and we have our fingers and toes crossed that one of these two will work out! The offer we signed had a 15 day escrow, which would put us at about Memorial Day weekend to move out. Next step, to find a new house! I know it will all be worth it- but... this process is painful.

Have you moved with your family? Was your process agonizing?


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