Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Day Off From Work

Yesterday was the 4th of July, which meant that it was a rare occasion that my husband and I both had the day off from work! We 'slept in' until 7 a.m. - how glorious that was! Then we all got dressed and decided what we wanted to do for the day. I wanted to sleep all day, but I got overruled. We ended up heading to the mall for a quick trip, and then headed to a neighborhood fair type event. They ran out of hot dogs, at 11:30. How does that happen? POOR PLANNING. We bought some tickets for the boys to play games, and 'won' about 1,000 glow necklaces because that's all that was left of the choices. After chasing J out of the bounce house, "Just ONE more time?" we headed up to the playground.

Then, we headed home for nap time (yay!), and J said his tummy didn't feel good. Long story short- by the end of the day, I had cleaned up more than my fair share of #2 and puke. Lesson learned: Do not let your kid eat bacon and ice cream for dinner. (But I think he has a stomach bug, in fairness) Rather than focusing on that, I choose to just remember the day this way:


Matching t-shirts! How was your 4th of July holiday?


  1. Bacon and ice cream? Good lord! haha well at least you got them in match outfits :)