Thursday, February 16, 2012


After feeling guilty that I was allowing JUST ONE MORE episode of 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' last night, so I could take a bath and get 30 minutes to myself... I decided that maybe I would feel better if I just got this stuff off my chest. Since I know I'm not in the running for Mother of the Year 2012... maybe next year.

My laundry pile is bigger than me. I am pretty sure that laundry is a  full time job, but I've already got one of those. So, throw your pajamas in the corner.

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Sometimes, we eat dinner around the coffee table.OK, it's more than sometimes, and last night it was chinese food take out.


My kids watch tv. With two children who are not in school yet, and no backyard in our townhouse- there is a lot of time in the house during the day. Baby Mayhem takes two naps, and that ties you to the house for ... what seems like the entire day. I'm not making excuses, but Nick Jr. is educational!

I love wine. No explanation needed here.

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I don't buy all organic food. When I was pregnant for the first time, I ate mostly organic food. It was 'for the baby'. Well, that was in 2008- and I haven't bought any organic food in a long time. I am working on serving up more veggies this year though- New Year's Resolution!

We don't do baths every night. I once had this idea that the kids needed to be put to bed CLEAN every night. Recently, I have been doing baths when Mayhem covers his crib in poo- or when Jacob wets the bed. There, now you know.
I'm in here because I was really dirty!
Sometimes I go to bed right after I put the kids to bed. Is that so wrong? Mama needs her sleep.

Is there anything you'd like to get off your chest? I know I'm not alone!



  1. Guilty! I'm sure you'll find that many moms are just like you. :)

    I sometimes have dust bunnies the size of real bunnies because I'd rather sit and relax instead of vaccuum.

  2. Sean once told me "boys are always a little bit dirty" and that was in reference to himself at almost 30 years old! So I agree, bathtime is not always necessary, especially when you have boys. :)

  3. Confession: I didn't wrap my daughter's birthday gifts, because I knew she'd just shred through the wrapping paper in 2 seconds and I didn't want to waste the little bit I had left. :)

  4. Happy birthday, Mac!

    Keri Bullock City of Brea

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  5. Well I say once they're in school and older that it's important to have dinner at the table and to maybe lessen the amount of TV since they'll have homework. But you're a super mom working full time and getting two boys to bed :)