Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bitter, Party of One

This morning in Starbucks, I stood in line at 7:15 am, half awake after not sleeping well because of Baby Mayhem's molars. In front of me was a happy, wide-awake couple in casual clothes, with their perfectly behaved child in a jogging stroller.

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They smiled, leaned into each other and Perfect Wife said, "Hey- it's supposed to be warm today, we should go to the beach!" In that moment, I hated Perfect Couple. I hated them so much.

I wanted to crawl back in bed, put the covers over my head and disappear for a few hours of blissfully uninterrupted sleep. But instead, I was going to down a Venti Latte and head into the office for 9 hours, then sit in the car for another hour. I was Bitter, party of one.

I took action. I have scheduled a weekday for my family and I to spend together. Of course, I still won't look like Perfect Wife. And I won't be standing in line at Starbucks, calming discussing plans for the rest of the day. I can dream...

But first, I need to get through the rest of the day- without falling asleep.


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