Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Top 5 NATURAL Ways to Relieve Stress

Being a parent is wonderful and hard. Our youngest is 7 months old, and does not sleep through the night. He has struggled with acid reflux, and as soon as that started getting better... he starting getting teeth! He has 8 teeth already. So, that means 7 months of mommy not sleeping through the night. So I'm tired, which causes stress. 

Everyone has their own sources of stress. Whether it's work, family, or balancing the two~ sometimes you just need to take a step back, and focus on yourself. When you are at your best, you can be the best mom/employee/wife/etc.!

1. Take a hot bath! My mother always told us, whatever was wrong, to have a cup of tea and a hot bath. I still take her advice to this day. Add the bubble bath, and you're on your way to relaxation!

2. Dance- When nothing seems to make sense, put on a silly CD (I recommend "Silly Songs with Larry" from Veggie Tales) and just sing with your kid(s). They love it, and soon you'll forget what you were so stressed about in the first place.

3. Put the kids to bed just a little earlier than usual- Mine can't tell time YET, so this may get harder as they get older! Sometimes, Mommy needs more 'me time'... and some wine!

4. RESCUE Pastilles- I have these in my purse, so when I start to feel overwhelmed... I just grab one of these. They taste like candy! I like the black currant flavor. RESCUE products were developed by doctors, are homeopathic, and naturally relieve stress. Click here for a coupon for RESCUE products.

RESCUE products are available at CVS, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and wherever you find natural products!

5. Don't look at your phone- I can't bear to turn off the cell phone, since we do not have a 'land line'. But I do put it on vibrate, and leave it in the kitchen. It's important to focus on your family when you are at home, everyone else can wait.

I also like to walk the dogs, but if you don't have dogs- that obviously wouldn't work for you.  

What do you do to de-stress?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Great ideas! lol I still abide by the bath & tea rule ;)

  2. So..what exactly do the rescue thingys do? I am quite interested in knowing ?

  3. Great de stressing tips. Mine is eat chocolate.

  4. I have done the put the kids to bed early too. It's harder now that they are getting older, but sometimes mommies need a break.

  5. Great tips!! I usually just go for a walk, that's my way of reducing the stress! :)

  6. Great post! I use essential oils, lock myself in my room, pray, go for walks, sometimes get away. Kick the kids outside! ;)