Monday, March 16, 2015

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies and Toddlers ~ No Candy!

Easter is coming, a holiday where we celebrate new life in all its forms. Even if you aren't religious, this time of year is the beginning of spring! 

This week I have been racking my brain, trying to come up with age-appropriate Easter basket ideas. I will also be doing coins, because they get excited about adding up the money after the egg hunt. But after that, I didn't want to fill up the eggs with ALL candy. 

After we open our Easter baskets, we usually head over to Grandma’s house. We all know what happens there!

Here are a few ideas, in case you are searching for ideas for babies or toddlers. 

1. Bath toys- Munchkin letters and numbers have been a hit at our house. Check your local Target or Babies R Us. 

Boon Bath Appliques

 2. Sand/beach toys- pails, shovels, sandcastle molds… what’s more exciting than looking forward to summer time at the beach! 

 3. Books- Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit is a natural choice, and I like to get the matching stuffed animal. This may be why my older son has about 300 stuffed animals in his bed right now… 

Books available at
 4. DVDs- you can’t eat those! Baby L will try, though… I’m sure. 

5. Plum Organics Fiddlesticks Snack Sticks- Apple Carrot flavor, of course. 

6. Annie’s Bunny Snacks- if you throw in the Chocolate Chip bunny graham snacks, you aren’t completely passing on chocolate… 

7. Chalk- Crayola washable chalk is great, if you haven’t tried it – you should! In past years, I have found cute bunny-shaped chalk. Let me know if you see that somewhere, I can't find it!

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk

I have found almost all of these items at Target, and Babies R Us. I have also found that CVS has a good selection of odds and ends for holidays. Happy Easter! 

Please share, and let me know what you are putting in your Easter baskets- or better yet, share pictures!


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