Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mom Confession: I Don't Like Being Pregnant

Today I'm 16 weeks pregnant. Only 16 weeks?! I'm looking out towards August 2, 2014 and it seems so far away! I don't really have a 'bump' to show that I'm pregnant. I can't feel the baby kick. I don't know the gender of my child, and everyone keeps asking me when I find out...

This is likely my last pregnancy, and I know I should be savoring it. But I'm not someone who enjoys being pregnant. I love being a mother, but I could do without this part of it. During this pregnancy, I have been more hormonal than I was with the previous two. I'm not used to these mood swings!

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I'm not even (close) to the third trimester yet. I'm not swollen, exhausted, or sore yet. I know that the third trimester is where the real complaints begin! But right now, my digestion is...very...slow... and I have zero appetite.  If I don't eat every few hours, I get nauseous. Yet, nothing sounds appealing to me. It's exhausting to be a mother of two, working full time, and to be pregnant. Here's to hoping that the second trimester goes faster. Eyes on the prize! 

Did you enjoy being pregnant?


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