Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June 2013 Bluum Box: I Am A Big Kid Now

I received our June Bluum box prior to leaving for vacation, and I was happy it came! I used several of the items for our trip, including the Happy Family munchies and the sippy cups on the plane.

Happy Family - Creamies- Carrot, Mango & Orange ($3.59) Mayhem loved these. I was glad to have them as a healthy snack on the plane. It was lightweight, and I loved that they are made with coconut milk. A great item to have around the house for an active two year old!

Happy Family - Happy Munchies - Rice Cakes Blueberry & Beet ($3.00) We weren't so fond of these, but I'm sure there are other flavors that Mayhem would like.

The First Years - Take And Toss 4 Sippy Cups ($3.28)
I love Take and Toss items. Toddlers chew on, lose, and general destroy sippy cups in my experience. With this price tag, you don't have to worry as much and when you're done you can recycle them. It's simple. And I bring one of these on the plane, so you don't have to hold your toddler's apple juice for them. No spills!

Banz - Banz Kidz ($15.00) My kids always wanted to grab my sunglasses off my head when we're outside together. I was hoping these would prevent that. They didn't, but they are cute!

Little Learners - I Can Do Everything! ($10.00) A collection of several board books for the curious little one, who can't sit still for you to read a whole book!

Century Novelty - Beach Ball ($2.00) Fun for the pool, or the backyard!

StriVectin-EV - Get Even Brightening Serum ($22.00) For momma, a little boost for your complexion.

I love the personalized, age-appropriate goodies in our Bluum box this month. A happy customer!

What did you get in your Bluum box this month?


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