Monday, July 29, 2013

Bluum July 2013 Box- Social Butterfly

This month, Bluum made both of my boys happy. I loved the edibles in this month's box, and the book was great too!

Little Learners Press & Play Sound Book- This book is great! 45 sounds, and something for everyone. There are firefighters, teachers, ballerinas, builders and many others. The buttons aren't TOO loud, like some other books (Thomas, I'm looking at you)- so it's great for the car!

Paul Frank Monkey - We have a white monkey, now we have a brown one too. Little J is amassing a collection of these guys!

Kelly Toy Bumblebee Travel Pillow - Mayhem loved this, he now sleeps with it. His animal collection is getting a bit out of control...and Little J likes it too!

Nature's Bakery - Fig Bar - Whole Wheat Raspberry - These reminded me of Fig Newtons, which I ate as a child. I wasn't sure if Mayhem would like these, but he did! I tried a bite too, and I must say- they are delicious!

Sneakz Organics - Chocolate Milkshake - A full serving of vegetables, and doesn't have to be refrigerated (but tastes better if it has been!). This is a great idea for kids who love chocolate milk, and won't eat vegetables. What they don't know, won't hurt them!

Once again, another successful month! Thank you, Bluum!


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