Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Value of Great Childcare

Well, I was going to post about the nightmares that I've had since becoming a mother. And then one came true... our beloved Kymber is leaving us. Kymber has been coming to our home Tuesday through Thursday, and every other Friday. She takes care of the kids, deals with our dogs, and keeps the place running while I'm gone. She kisses boo boos, she changes wet sheets, she feeds them, she bathes them... I trust her completely. She has made it easier for me to leave my babies, and head off to work.

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While I'm proud of her for pursuing her dreams (she's so young!), she will be sorely missed. My biggest heartache will be informing Little J that his "Kimmie" won't be coming over any more. I'm pretty sure that he thinks Kimmie comes over to hang out, because he is so awesome. Of course.

It feels like I'm back to square one with childcare. My mother-in-law watches the boys on Mondays, so that is taken care of. I have every other Friday off (it's called a 9/80, and it's AMAZING - I know!). So that leaves me with the remainder of the days. Little J will be starting preschool in September, but it's two half days. He also does a gymnastics class during the week, so we need a driver!

My husband and I have discussed at lengths what the best option is for us- and we've settled on a part-time nanny. I know that I am extremely fortunate to be able to have this option, and it just works best for us. We have someone in the house with the dogs all day, the kids can sleep in their own beds, and germs are kept to a minimum. After my ER visit with Mayhem, I truly value the ability to keep the boys in our own house! I know that every mother, child and family is different. But this situation is what keeps me sane!

That said, I would much MUCH MUCH prefer to be able to stay home with them myself. Losing the current setup has made me absolutely ache for that chance. I know that my income is needed right now, but I can't help but dream.

Have you experienced a similar situation? Does this ever get any easier (leaving your children with someone else)?


  1. I know! I worry most about how the change will affect the kids...