Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lessons Learned from Easter

Since I've only been a mother for 5 and a half short years, I am constantly learning. This year, I was excited to be able to have an Easter egg hunt on Easter morning. It was our first year that we had an actual backyard, so we could hide the eggs and have the boys go find them. I was ready to go, I had their Easter baskets all packed up and hidden away. Hubs and I filled the plastic eggs the night before, and hid them after the boys went to bed. I thought we had it all planned out...but of course, it never works as perfectly as you envision it. Here are a few lessons that I learned from Easter this year. 
Easter 2014
  1. Timing is everything. This one could also called, "Let your dogs out BEFORE you hide the eggs." There are concerns here, that may not be immediately apparent. But if you have pets, that are going to 'do their business' in the backyard... you MIGHT want to let that happen BEFORE you hide the eggs... Also, check when your sprinklers are supposed to come on. Needless to say, our eggs were a bit wet on Easter morning.
  2. But, WHY? Have an answer prepared for the inevitable, "Why does the Easter bunny come here, and how does he get in our house?" Little J caught me half-awake on Easter morning, not ready to answer questions. 
  3. Church on Easter is LONG. If you expect your 3 year old to sit through an entire hour of church, you had better have more than a pencil and a piece of paper prepared. That goes for your husband too. 
  4. Not everyone likes jellybeans. No matter what cherished, childhood memories you have, your kid doesn't want YOUR LIFE. (Varsity Blues? Anyone?)
  5. You are lame. No matter now proud YOU are of the items your selected for their Easter baskets, your child/ren will (probably) think they are lame. Case in point, I bought the LEGO set that was on clearance, and Little J told me that the Easter Bunny probably didn't know there were NEW ones... Sorry, kid, the Easter Bunny isn't made of money.  
How was your Easter weekend? Do you have anything to add? 


  1. lol @ #5...ha! My Grandma learned that the hard way this year...and it's interesting to see how a kids tastes change over the years...the different kinds of candy that they like to eat. I hosted my nephew's first Easter Egg Hunt...he had a blast...it was really fun to do!

  2. Awwww, poor Easter Bunny. Dissed by the little ones! I loved holding egg hunts for my nieces and nephews and miss them all terribly. Although since they are mostly in middle school through college I doubt they'd be wanting an egg hunt any longer anyway.

  3. Love the first tip, so true! I have three dogs. We used the inside of the house for egg hunting. One year, I hid the eggs the night before out in the front yard. A squirrel or something broke into all the ones with candy and stole it!

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with jelly beans ... the "normal" flavors are good-tasting but then you get one like buttered popcorn that tastes gross. :-/

  5. Yes! My daughter was extra full of "why" this year, and I was completely unprepared. New rule: no questions until I've had 20. oz. of coffee.

  6. Haha- #5- It's amazing what kids pick up on, but nice of him to think the Easter Bunny was too busy to know about the 'new ones.'

  7. Too funny - I didn't spend much at all. i actually want to not do it, but my daughter wouldn't stop talking about Easter Egg Hunt. And by the time I got to Walmart they were all out of eggs, so we literally through stuff around the backyard unshelled