Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm here! But I'm leaving...

I am so sorry that I have been MIA during this past month! It's been extremely busy. I just wanted to check in with you all. On St. Patrick's Day, I turned the ripe old age of 31. I celebrated with a lovely lunch in Laguna Beach. Friends and family came to celebrate with me, and how can you complain when you are sitting on the beach in SoCal?
Little J and his girlfriend

I decided that I was going to parent MY WAY. Which apparently involves letting my two-year -old boss me around sometimes. Mayhem has found his voice, and is now using to tell everyone around him what to do... and how to do it. He's such a joy, and his bedtime routine has been evolving. He now DEMANDS at least two books, and on one night last month- he made me read them to him IN the crib.  He was sick, what was I supposed to do - say no?

That's me, in Mayhem's crib. Because he said so.

My family contemplated the meaning of life...We're making a concerted effort to be healthier as a family. This will involve family walks, rather than me just walking our dogs. The boys love it, and I love being outside.

My little family. I'm so lucky. Don't mind the dogs rear ends under the bench...

And we spent time enjoying the beautiful southern California weather at the park.

My little men, headed to the park. Off to our next adventure!

And now, we're off to Maui for about a week. I'll be back with stories and photos in April. How is this year going so quickly?!?!


  1. I'd love to visit Hawaii one day... Have a great time!!!

  2. Aw what a lovely post :) Ripe age of 31 lol what are we going to be saying in our 90s?!