Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January Bluum Toddler Box

Well, it finally arrived. The new and improved Bluum toddler box, and it's wonderful! The items are selected to fit my son's exact age. It's not just for babies anymore!


Toddler Mum Mums This snack is healthy, organic, and crunchy! Mayhem loves rice cakes, so I'm hoping that he likes these too. This box included a box of 24 snacks.


Brain Quest for ages 2-3. This is an activity that encourages interaction between you and your child, and it's great for working on speech. I also love that the flash cards are bound together, so I'm not playing 52 card pickup after using them!


Crayola Snack Packer. This isn't very useful for Mayhem, but luckily I have Little J who can definitely use one of these! I suppose we could use it for crayons in the diaper bag, as well.


Table manners cards. I think that these are great to focus on while you have dinner as a family. It's a non-nagging way to remind children of proper table manners.


Stretch marks cream While I cannot vouch for this product (yet), I appreciate that Bluum still threw something in for Mom!

Little Pim Learn French DVD I love this idea! I'm so glad this was included, as I have been wanting to try something like this with both boys- and now I can give Little Pim a try. It comes very highly recommended.


Totz Toothbrush With all the illness we have had going around this household, I'm happy to toss Mayhem's previous toothbrush and use this one. It is BPA free, and the bristles are 100% vegetable based.

Melissa and Doug puzzle Mayhem is currently very into puzzles, so I'm happy to see a new one for him to master. This particular puzzle is wonderful because there are pictures underneath the numbers, so he can count and name the pictures.


You can see the effort that has gone into this new toddler box. Bluum has outdone themselves, selecting age-appropriate items that cater to individual needs. I think the Bluum Mamas are going to be very happy!


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