Thursday, March 1, 2012

Terrible Threes

I had always heard so much about the 'terrible twos' that I stupidly thought I had passed over the bratty time for my oldest. I held my chest high, thinking that I had achieved something. I had made it to 3, with little drama. That is what parenting is all about! You think you know what you're doing- then it all changes. It is a very humbling experience.

[caption id="attachment_350" align="alignleft" width="238" caption="doesn't matter what you say, i'm pouting"][/caption]

Instead of the terrible twos, we are experiencing the 'terrible threes'. We had come so far during his short life. He was so 'mature', well, you know for a two-year-old. He was well-mannered. He and I seemed to 'get' each other. What happened?! Now, everything makes him cry. He never wants anyone to leave our house. He has reverted to baby talk, and wants me to carry him like a baby. I teeter between wanting to keep him happy, and trying to make sure that he doesn't become a brat!

There is just something about him at this age, as he learns how independent he can be.  Then again, he's still pooping in his pants!  It is a struggle for them to learn how to deal with NOT being a baby anymore, but still wanting to be... sometimes... It is also a struggle for me to want him to grow up, but still hanging on to his babyhood. I guess it's a preview of the teenage years.  Can't wait for that!

Have you been through this? Can you relate? I think it's even harder because everyone tell me how adorable Mayhem is, and pays attention to him instead.


  1. Oh boy can I relate! Especially the reverting to baby talk, never wanting to leave the house and wanting me to carry him everywhere.

    Until I read this post I was beating myself up thinking it was my fault -- all caused by bringing the new baby into the house. Now it sounds more like just typical 3 yo fun!!!

  2. Glad you can relate!! We brought a new baby into the house when he was 2.5... so maybe it is all our fault (kidding!) :)

  3. Believe it or not, I did this (60 plus) years ago! Grammie came to visit and I wanted to wheeled in a stroller (at 31/2) and rocked on her lap (I took up a good bit of it). I think it was Barbara coming along but also realizing that I had to give up some neat parts of being a "baby". Parenting is always a new adventure and just when you think you have it, things change! Good luck.

  4. haha oh yes... wait til they are teenagers! Moms become the enemy then :)